I’m a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach with almost two decades of experience. My focus as a trainer shifted to law enforcement during my years as a TV reporter. I covered a story about a dangerous inmate who kicked out the window and escaped a transport van at a stop light. He was shackled and still outran two very out of shape officers who couldn’t use their weapons because they were in a residential area. I didn’t understand how that could’ve happened. Then, I met my husband – a federal law enforcement officer – and I soon realized how and why it happens often! The long hours, the crappy shifts, the stress, the poor food choices, the being too tired to exercise, the sitting (w, the lack of health and fitness support….I understand – and I want to help. It’s my mission to create programs and support to not only help LEO’s get in shape PRIOR to academy and testing but to STAY in shape for their careers.